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Why Catholicism?


Hundreds of Catholics each year are led to doubt their faith because they do not know the biblical basis of it. What is the biblical basis of our faith? Why are we Catholic?

Is Sunday Mass Necessary?


"I don't need to go to Mass every Sunday. It's not that important." No doubt we've all heard this from time to time. Is it true? Or is Sunday Mass necessary for salvation?

Why Confession?


Why should you go to confession? There are a hundred reasons we conjure up why not to go to confession, but there are twice as many reasons why we should go.

The Horror of Sin...


Today there is an unfortunate combination of two extremes: a blasé attitude toward sin, and a certain despair of forgiveness. Both are radically wrong.

Must Religion Be Boring?


You say you find religion boring? I'm not surprised. You told me you attend Mass every Sunday, you confess twice a year and you pray about three minutes a night before retiring.

Is Chastity Possible?


To answer our question we must consider three questions: What exactly is chastity? What behavior is implied by Christian chastity? And, how does one live chastity?

A Modesty Proposal


Occasionally a woman will say, "If men have a problem with what I wear, that's their problem, not mine. They can just deal with it." Not so, for two reasons.

Why First Saturdays?


On July 13, 1917 Mary appeared for the third time to three young Portuguese children. What did Mary ask? The first this not something we have largely ignored?

Living Simply


Jesus was born in a stable. A stable! The Son of God! Was that a fluke, or was there a message there, namely, as St. Francis understood, that we should live humbly, simply?

Worship the Lord in Holy Attire


The dress of people attending Mass has been deteriorating for years, and now it seems, it has reached catastrophic proportions. Whose fault is it? We priests, if we say nothing.

Why Not Divorce?


The divorce rate is said to be about 50%, double that of 40 years ago. One of the reasons why people are so quick to divorce is that they don't look at the downside of divorce.

NFP Over Contraception: A Strong Case


Contraception is considered the best advance ever to come along. However, there is a great deal of scientific evidence that supports the superiority of NFP over contraception.


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