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Catholic Family Quarterly


Quarterly resource guide for Catholic families published by Catholic Faith Alive!, Inc. Contains articles written by Rev. T. G. Morrow, the publication's spiritual advisor and more!

Holy Rosary for Audio Download


Download each MP3 file and burn onto CD or upload to your iPod. The CD makes great for your daily commute on the road and the iPod for your walks and bus rides!

Guide to Spiritual Reading


Resources for the faithful on spiritual reading. Achieving holiness would be extremely difficult without spiritual reading! Here you can find guides for adults and youth.

Christian Courtship


Resources for a Christian courtship. Recommended online dating sites and a free sample wedding program, for when the time comes! Also available is a Youth Chastity Covenant for teens.

Preview Rev. T. G. Morrow's Books


Preview chapters from Father Morrow's books: Be Holy and Christian Courtship in an Over Sexed World. The full text is available for Achieving Chastity in a Pornographic World.

Short Video Clips


Rev. T. G. Morrow provides quick 5-10 minute video clips on topics of faith. Hell, does it still exist? What about Purgatory? What do the saints have to say about Heaven?

Our Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Campaign


We invite you to join us in praying for the most pro-life candidates of the 2012 and 2014 elections to be successful. Please register here the prayers you have offered.

Health Tips


We now offer a resource for health tips, because holiness comes from building up mind, body and soul! It is important for our bodies to be in good, healthy condition, so to better serve our Lord.

Recursos en Español


Recursos para la comunidad hispana. Extractos del libro de T. G. Morrow sobre noviazgo Cristiano. Excelente articulos sobre la fe Catolica y la Santa Misa.


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