Ave Maria Singles is Fr. Morrow's favorite online dating service for single Catholics because he knows Anthony Buono, the president, to be a solidly Catholic family man who is very much interested in our young Catholic men and women.


"The people who use this service are, with few exceptions, believing and practicing Catholics who really want to have a totally Catholic family. Bravo! And many of the Ave Maria members are full of fun as well. How do I know all this? I have answered questions on the "Ask Father" feature, and I went on the AMS cruise last December to the Caribbean. We had daily Mass, many confessions, some on the beach, rosary at the beach and on the ship, and a Eucharistic holy hour each evening. And, most everyone was ready for fun, and fun we had, including Anthony Buono singing karaoke at one of the evening spots (long after I retired for the evening). And, of course, I'm looking forward to being with them for cruises in the future! Go to their web site now!"

- Rev. T. G. Morrow






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